You may have noticed a certain doe-eyed lobster (and similar doe-eyed mascots) kicking around on our GitHub repositories, on presentation slides, and scattered across Islandora. This guy: 

Islandora lobster

The lobster (also known as Clawde or the Clawbster) stems from the first Islandora conference in 2015, which was held on Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of Islandora and a region known for its fresh lobster. During the lead up to the conference, a helpful Islandora community member on Twitter tweeted "Every time you fail to tell a colleague about the upcoming Islandora conference, a lobster dies of sadness."  We responded with a hastily sketched drawing of a sad lobster:

sad lobster

The sad lobster achieved mild viral status in the Islandora community, and when the time came to select a logo for the Islandora conference t-shirts, the planning committee decided that a happier version would be just the thing:

Islandoracon 2015 logo

Around the same time, development was starting on what would become Islandora 8. It was codenamed CLAW, and the doe-eyed lobster from Islandoracon attached himself as a natural mascot. After the first few GitHub repos for various Islandora 8 components and microservices were given mascots, it became a tradition, and now all Islandora 8 repos have some kind of cartoon mascot related to the lobster.



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