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Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover digital assets using a best-practices framework. Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community.

Built on a base of Drupal, Fedora, and Solr, Islandora's flexibility empowers users to work with a huge variety of data types (such as image, video, and pdf) and knowledge domains (such as Chemistry and the Digital Humanities) and provides integration with additional viewers, editors, and data processing applications.

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Islandora operates under a variety of open source licenses. All Drupal-based components are licensed under GNU. Some non-Drupal components are licensed under MIT.

Islandora and all of its components are free to use and always will be.

Islandora is hosted and developed on GitHub.