It's the 7.x-1.10 Code Freeze!

Hello, collaborators,   As of yesterday night / this morning, we have officially frozen code for the 7.x-1.10 release. This means:
  • Any bug fixes or documentation tickets now need two pull requests, one on the 7.x branch and one on 7.x-1.10. 
  • Any improvement or new feature pull requests can go on the 7.x branch, and will be part of the next (early 2018) release. 
  • If you like, you can check out the 7.x-1.10 branches and start to test! A full release candidate (RC) Virtual Machine will be prepared over the next ten days and will be available on Sept 29. 
  Kudos and thank you  To all of our intrepid auditors: Janice, Melissa, Mark, Neil, Matthew, Chris, Rachel, Caleb, Bayard, Keila, Charles, and Devin, thank you for getting the README and LICENSE audits done before code freeze. Thanks especially to those who jumped in as first-time Github contributors. Github ain't easy, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a PR is forthcoming. Thanks also to the community who've been working on improvements and bug fixes all along and especially preparing for code freeze.  The full list of improvements and new features that are marked as 7.x-1.10 are here though there may be more that haven't yet had the fix version applied. (Friendly reminder because we all forget: when you merge a pull request, close the Jira ticket too and include a fix version)    What kept us up: The last improvement to make it into the release was a ticket from June 2015 that allows other modules to hook into the results of the checksum checker. We also fought Travis over the last few weeks because an update to their default distributions broke our testing framework. Thank you to Jonathan and Jared who helped non-stop with that.   Next steps There are 157 open bugs and documentation tickets so let's see what we can get fixed for this release!    Your 7.x-1.10 Release Team Rosie and Diego