The Islandora Board of Directors

The Board is primarily concerned with legal and financial aspects of the Islandora community. It is chiefly supportive of the Coordinating Committee and Islandora Committers, but directional in the sense that when the Coordinating Committee looks to the Board for direction and lays out the issues in a way that the Board can act on, the Board will provide direction. The Coordinating Committee provides core directions for the community.

The list below reflects Partner Members in the Foundation. Partners are able to nominate one person to the Board.

  • Melissa Anez (Ex-Officio, Vice Chair and Secretary), Islandora Foundation
  • Jordan Bass, University of Manitoba
  • John Eden (Treasurer), discoverygarden Inc.
  • Emily Gore, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • John Herbert, LYRASIS
  • Mark Jordan (Chair), Simon Fraser University
  • David Keiser-Clark, Islandora Collaboration Group
  • Gabriela Mircea, McMaster University
  • Donald Moses, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Jean Phillips, Florida State University
  • Noah Smith, Born-Digital
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt, University of Toronto Scarborough

Coordinating Committee

The Islandora Coordinating Committee meets bi-weekly and acts as the operational governing committee for the Foundation's activities. Terms of Reference.

Meeting Minutes

  • Daniel Aitken, discoverygarden Inc.
  • Melissa Anez, Islandora Foundation
  • Amy Blau, Whitman College (for the ICG)
  • Bryan Brown, Florida State University
  • Mirko Hanke, University of Texas at Austin
  • Drew Heles, LYRASIS
  • Danny Lamb Islandora Foundation
  • Rosie Le Faive, UPEI
  • Mike Kemezis, University of Connecticut
  • Sean Knowlton, Tulane University
  • David Kwasny, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Don Richards, Born-Digital
  • Bethany Seeger, Johns Hopkins University
  • Ian Song, Simon Fraser University
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt, University of Toronto Scarborough (legacy)
  • Wei Xuan, University of Manitoba
  • Brandon Weigel, British Columbia Electronic Library Network
  • David Wilcox, DuraSpace (legacy)

Annual General Meeting

The general membership of the Islandora Foundation meets once a year, usually electronically. The AGM covers updates about the project and proposals that require member approval.

Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group reports to the Board of Directors and provides recommendations regarding the architecture and evolution of Islandora (technical roadmap) to the Technical Lead, ensuring that the priorities of the Board of Directors and members are met. Recommendations by this committee are non-binding but should represent the will of key project stakeholders. Terms of Reference.

Meeting Minutes

  • Bryan Brown (Florida State University)
  • Joanna DiPasquale (Union College, ICG)
  • Jonathan Green (LYRASIS)
  • Rosie Le Faive (University of Prince Edward Island)
  • Derek Merleaux (Born-Digital)
  • Bethany Seeger (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Seth Shaw (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba)