A message for our community in light of COVID-19

In light of the unprecedented times that we’re all going through, we wanted to share some information and resources for the Islandora community. The Islandora Foundation itself has always been a virtual office, with both employees working from home and all meetings taking place online, so we’ve been very fortunate in being able to continue with the business of Islandora more or less as we always have. Much of our community, however, has made this transition very recently and very suddenly. 

Isolation keeps us and our communities healthy, but it’s... isolating. We’d like to help our community to feel a little more connected, in whatever small ways we can. We’re leaving space at the start of our community meetings for folks to check in and chat. The door is also open in Islandora Slack, including a #watercooler channel if you just want to share. If you’re working from home and finding gaps in your day from paused projects or other work that can’t be done right now, we’d be happy to help you fill those gaps with open source engagement or learning opportunities: