ISLE Sprint Wrapup

Our first quarterly ISLE sprint has wrapped up and I'd like to thank everyone that participated.  From the community contributions we received, we can now move repository data between ISLE instances. This allows us to move a repository from development to testing and finally a production environment. It was pretty crucial that ISLE 8 be able to handle this, and the community really stepped up and delivered. Plus, as a bonus, we're also ready for composer 2.

The work's been done, but there's still a few pull requests under review:

Once those are merged, we can begin documenting the process of how to move your data around.  We'll also be seeking user feedback from both new and existing ISLE users as they set up their repositories.

As always, this was a successful sprint. That really speaks to what we're capable of when we work together on common ground to solve shared problems.  It never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished if we put our heads together.  Thanks so much to everyone who signed up.

  • Nigel Banks - Lyrasis

  • Cary Gordon - Cherry Hill

  • Noah Smith - Born Digital

  • Gavin Morris - Born Digital

  • Hertzel Armengol - Born Digital

  • Andrija Sagic - Library Milutin Bojic

  • Alan Stanley - Agile Humanities

  • Aaron Birkland - John Hopkins' University

  • Seth Shaw - University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • Rosie Le Faive - University of Prince Edward Island

  • Janice Banser - Simon Fraser University

  • Jeffery Antoniuk - University of Alberta

  • Yamil Suarez - Berklee College of Music

We couldn't do it without awesome people like you and organizations that understand and value open source software. Thank you so much for your commitment to make Islandora the best it can be.